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Beginning Lessons in Asian Brushwork

When: January 2017   afternoon and evening classes available
Please join us for six weeks of learning about brushwork. The focus will be on technique, discipline, and a growing awareness of the dance between ink, brush and paper. We will practice the five main strokes and apply them to painting Bamboo, Pine and Plum. The final project is a scroll you create yourself, using what you have learned. All painting levels welcome. Call or email to reserve a space.
Price: $225 plus tax plus materials cost for ink stick, ink stone and one happy dot brush.

Intermediate Lessons in Brushwork

When:  January 2017  Afternoon and evening classes available
This six week course is for those who have completed Beginning Lessons in Brushwork and are ready to apply what they have learned to capture the world around them. Emphasis will no longer be on Asian themes but instead on the individual voice of a painter who uses brushwork techniques.
Price: $225 plus tax plus a materials cost for brushes and paper.

Beginning Lessons in Slabwork with Clay

When: January 2017  Afternoon and evening classes available.  This 6 week course will explore the building qualities of clay, in box form, and other projects involving slab rolled clay.  No experience required.  Several pieces will be made, decorated and fired.  All materials and tools are included with class
Price: $260 plus tax

Intensive workshops by the day or the weekend also available.

Call 505.345.0237 for more information.

Thank you for your interest in classes
Pat Marsello